Mobility Meets Asana Training

Mobility Meets Asana

with Carling Harps

April 19-21, 2024

Discover the interplay of mobility and yoga, focusing on the mechanics and sustainable practice of Yoga Asana. 

Move Better, Feel Better

This 30 hour in-person experience is designed to introduce yoga students, teachers, and enthusiastic practitioners to the pivotal interplay between mobility, movement, and mechanics in the Yoga Asana practice. 

During this intensive three-day workshop, Carling Harps will delve into the foundational yoga postures that are key to deepening your understanding of physical movement. Explore the essence of Mobility, distinguish its true meaning, and learn about the core principles of biomechanics. She’ll introduce effective mobility techniques and the science of stretching to enhance your range of motion and build resilience, directly linking these to the beloved practice of Yoga Asana. 

Experience a unique combination of physical and academic learning, focusing on flexibility, strength, joint health, and multi-disciplinary teaching techniques. Understand the difference between yoga and mobility training, and learn how Yoga Asana can be adapted to incorporate evidence-based movement practices for a more effective range of motion. 

By the end of our workshop, you’ll gain valuable insights into the physical demands of yoga poses and how to make your asana practice more sustainable and adaptable for everyone. You’ll leave with the knowledge and skills to grow in your personal and teaching practice. 

Join us for a weekend of enriching learning, expansive practice, and engaging community conversation as we delve into the WHY, HOW, and WHEN of integrating mobility with Asana. 

Added Bonus: 

To enhance your learning experience, this workshop is accompanied by a comprehensive digital module, accessible one month prior, to deepen your grasp of yoga’s complex interplay between mobility, movement, and mechanics.

What you’ll get:

  • 3-day in-person intensive workshop at YOGARENEW, NJ
  • 6-month access to a comprehensive digital course

*Digital module opens on March 12, 2024. 

Investment: $580