Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we help you transform your life through yoga.

You’re a…

 ~ yoga teacher who’s ready to expand your knowledge + refine your craft.


~ working professional searching for a way to unwind after a long day at the office. 


~ busy parent looking to carve out some time to focus on yourself. 


~ college student who needs to find some balance in-between classes. 


~ athlete that’s in need of a good stretch to fit into your training schedule.


~ human being on a mission to better yourself + your life overall.

Maybe you’ve practiced yoga for a while but are in search of your “yoga home”, or maybe you’re brand new to this whole thing and are thinking you just want to dip your toes into the yoga pool. 


Whoever you are, and wherever you are– know this. You’ve come to the right place + we’re here to meet you on your journey.

We bridge the gap between the yoga “gurus” and the everyday student.

Our teachers are expertly trained– everyone is an RYT-500HR or higher– but are also passionate about making this practice fun + approachable for everyone.

Our vinyasa classes deliver the upbeat, vibrant flows you’d expect, but are grounded in Iyengar alignment + sequencing. 

Our align + refine classes will dive deep into alignment + anatomy, helping you understand the poses from the inside out.

Our yin + restorative classes nurture not only your physical body, but your energetic body and mind as well. 

And our trainings will help you learn how to do the same.

Our yoga directors– Patrick Franco + Kate Lombardo– previously owned award winning local studios + have been teaching in the Hoboken/NYC area for more than 25 years combined, before bringing that experience to the global stage with YogaRenew– the leading international yoga teacher training school online– serving over 25,000 students worldwide.



At YogaRenew Studios we combine those experiences to create a community that reaches students both locally and around the world, creating a ripple effect to share the practice of yoga with as many people as possible.
Unplug before class in our wellness lounge.
Find a friendly face on the mat next to yours.
Ask a question.
Find your answers.
Challenge yourself.
Nourish yourself.
Move through your practice at your own pace.
Peel back layers that always existed within you and open up to your full potential.

Ways to Join Us

Yoga Classes

Roll out your mat. Get lost
in the music. Connect deep within.

Lean on the support of community.

Events + Workshops

Embrace wellness as a lifestyle. Open your mind. Learn something new.

Meet like-minded people.


Advance your personal practice. Expand your expertise. Create a career.

The ultimate transformation.


Yes. We only accept people who are super advanced at yoga. 

Just kidding… Of course not! 

We have classes in our studio and online for all levels. So if you’re brand new or new-ish to yoga, our Level 1 classes is a great fit for you. This is still a vinyasa class, so be prepared to move, but at a level that feels right for you.

Our Level 2, and Level 3 classes are meant for people who are more familiar with yoga or have been practicing for a while. 

Breathe + Restore, Restorative, and Yin Yoga are great compliments to any of our vinyasa classes and are good for all levels. 

Coming to your first yoga class can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming– we totally get it!

The first thing to keep in mind if you’re even thinking about visiting us, is that we are super excited to meet you!

Every student and teacher at YogaRenew Hoboken can remember what it was like to be a beginner, and we’re always happy to help anyone who’s looking to get started. Plus, that means there’s another new friend for us to meet. 🙂


That being said, here are some tips to help you feel ready to go for your first class:

  • Sign up online.

This is definitely not mandatory, but it can be helpful. Signing up in advance guarantees your space in the class and also allows you to fill out the necessary paperwork in advance. That way, once you arrive at the studio you can focus on getting settled to practice rather than filling out a bunch of forms. 

  1. Come hang with us a little early. 

Sometimes you’re in a rush and get to the studio right before class starts, and that’s totally fine. But, if you can, it’s great to get to the studio 15-minutes before class. This will give us time to chat, make sure you have plenty of time to get changed, put your shoes/phone away, etc.  If you’re running a little late though, just give us a call and we’ll put a mat down for you– stress free is the way to be!

  1. Need a mat?

We have plenty of props to get you started. 

  1. Get your props.

Props are our favorite and they’ll become your favorite too {trust us!}. Once you lay your mat down in the yoga room, be sure to grab the props you’ll need for class– definitely 2 blocks and 1 blanket, and then anything else the teacher asks you to use that day.  

  1. Enjoy class, and then sign up again!

Your first class can be a bit of a blur and we want you to have some time to take it all in. If you’re on an intro pack with us, you’ll have 2 more classes to go. We recommend signing up for your second class before you leave the studio. 

Our team will probably ask you how class was for you {and if they don’t feel free to tell them anyway!}.  Be honest. If you are looking for something easier or harder than the class you took, let us know! We’re sure we can find something that’s a better fit.

Making sure you choose the right level yoga class is definitely going to help make the class way more fun. Think of it like math— you wouldn’t take Advanced Calculus before knowing your algebra.

No problem! We have a 4 hour cancellation policy. So, as long as you cancel 4 hours before the class your class will be credited back to your account and you won’t get charged the fee. If you cancel after 4 hours and you’re on a class package, that class will be deducted from your account. If you’re on an Annual membership with us, you’ll be charged a $15 fee for late-cancels or no-shows. 

Of course, we understand that things come up. So your first time with a late cancel is a freebie! 🙂

You can call us at 201.540.9284  or email hoboken@yogarenew.com. Make sure to also follow us on Instagram @yogarenewhoboken and join our email list for class updates + info.